Help With Sleeping

A brief post / discovery I made over the past couple of days, and how it’s, strangely for me anyway, bringing me more equanimity at night.

Max Richter (composer I hold near and dear) recently released a night-long album; Richter’s personal lullaby for a frenetic world as he self-describes. A lullaby indeed, but one that doesn’t stop throughout the night (a thought I find lovely, less so you, maybe, depending on how light a sleeper you are).

One needs look as far as the horror of the Paddy Jackson case (and emblazoned, uplifting response of so many outcriers / marchers / protesters / social-media-users), the political state of things, trying to maintain yourself and maintain friendships and relationships, the state of the world by and large is enough cause to make you sleep less. It is certainly restricting the time I get to spend unconscious…

A potential resolve to this is to not take the above concerns (a simple specimen case of the many that are flying about all of our heads in any one hour, never mind day!) so much unto ourselves, but I think as soon as we stop trying to engage and to empathise, we lose.

Hence, this is where Max Richter rears his gorgeous contemporary music head. Give this album a shot if you’re in any way similar, or just need some help sleeping. This (I hope) helps lull one to sleep, and almost soundtracks your sleep. I’ve had pleasantly dreamless sleep since I’ve started listening to this. The best thing, I think, about this is if you sleep for 8ish hours, the album will stay be playing, trundling to its end as you wake. Almost like a ward through the night.

“All this open to my feet: cohesion-tension
theory draws all this refuse up, into
my pink socks and up,
up, up out of my red eye.”

M x





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