Keeping a head up, but only a bit

Being a writer receiving a low to middling-low amount of attention, I am thinking tonight about the balancing we always have to try between our grand successes and our Submittable failures (or more, our ‘Withdraw Your In Progress Submission As Results For Said Thing Were Announced’).

#ShareYourRejections but #CelebrateYourAcceptances are great, and I love the solidarity writers are showing to one another by sharing the biggest bollocking you can get as a writer. Not this time. It is a balls that we have to struggle through these muddy years of telling ourselves that the rejections are always called for, that there is so much more we could have done, but balanced with a ‘i-am-worthwhile, i-am-improving, i-can-do-it’ kind of attitude.

My self-esteem-but-not-too-much-of-it is getting cross at me, and doesn’t know what to do with itself.

The machine (mine) is starting to get that sad kind of lazy.

I haven’t played videogames in such a long time.

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